You Bette! The Divine Mission of Bette Midler

Share the movements and mission of Bette Midler's mermaid character Delores DeLago as she splashes across your screen through the Diva to (Sage) Doll Timeline.

Directions: Simply move the tiara to the right on your screen.


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Special Thanks to Dino DeGuiceis for writing most of this story with me.

NOTE: All the Diva to (Sage) Dolls) on this timeline are made with recycled, reused, and repurposed materials.

Much appreciation to the donated fabric, trim and notions from my cousin Tory Eldridge, my former Touro University student Kim Jones, Liz Libertore, Jason Haun, my neighbor Mary Maldarelli, and my colleague and craft enthusiasts Elba Marrero and Dr. Nilda Soto-Ruiz.

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Bette Midler Gets Stuck in the
Great Pacific Garbage Patch



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